Airscout Enterprise



Airscout Enterprise is a software solution that interfaces with custom hardware to optimize WiFi signal strength. While similar to the WiFi Analyzer, it also tackles the added complications of setting up and optimizing WiFi signals within a large enterprise.

It consists of a Windows Desktop application that connects to the client’s WiFi receiver devices called ‘pucks.’ They are placed at different locations within an office to determine the optimal sites for WiFi routers and range extenders for adequate coverage. The software can interact with the client’s hardware to run tests, analyze data on WiFi coverage and provide recommendations regarding signal optimization.

A Cloud Application is a practical for scheduling jobs, device management and generating reports from tests run by technicians on the field. 

Architecture and Tools

Business logic for the desktop application was built on Xamarin PCL, while the UI was done using WPF. We used Material Design for WPF components to ensure that the components' design and behavior were consistent throughout the application. The 3-Dimensional parts of the application were built using UrhoSharp

The Cloud Application uses Ruby on Rails. The application is hosted on Azure.