Airscout Residential

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This software solution interfaces with custom hardware built by the client to monitor, analyze, and eventually optimize WiFi signal strength. The software allows users to drive tests for WiFi analysis. It also presents results back to the user through easy-to-understand visualizations.

The end users of this software are Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other Network Service Providers (NSPs). They deal with setting up internet connections and WiFi hotspots at homes and small offices. The software helps remove guesswork while configuring wireless networks, allowing customer service agents to avoid multiple trips to fix network-related issues. The software also generates reports for customer service teams and senior management regarding customer activity and performance. 

Architecture and Tools

The iOS and Android applications are all built using Cordova. Windows Desktop and macOS applications are built using NW.js. Visual elements, such as graphs, isometric views, and heatmaps, are all created using D3.js and HTML5 Canvas. The Web Application is developed using corePHP and MySQL. The visual elements in the web application are created by executing D3.js on a Node.js server.