Inventory Manager for Restaurants



A customized inventory management application was built for a restaurant called Rancho Grande Cantina ( This software package was built in a way to work for other restaurants that operate in a similar fashion to the client’s restaurant. It can deal with multiple orders per week per vendor, with the ability to monitor and manage different levels of stocks during different times in the week. 

An admin user in the system is able to add/edit managers, vendors and items to their different restaurants and its branches. The admin or the managers can then run seamless inventory checks on the items present in their restaurants. 

The ultimate goal of this application is to produce reports needed by the management from the inventory order data to optimize the supply chain for a restaurant business. 

Architecture and Tools

An iOS application was created using Ionic/Cordova  because the client wanted to make sure that they could get the application working in Android as well. Cordova was selected because the application was not going to be very demanding in terms of performance and it could be ported to Android with ease. 

A Web API Server written in Ruby on Rails hosted on Google Cloud is used to collect data from the Mobile Application and for sending emails via Postmark to vendors when a restaurant needs to restock items in their inventory. Since data is collected centrally, it makes it easy for owners/managers to look at all of the statistics in a single dashboard.