Seller Insight



This project was started with the main purpose of finding out the price of offerings for the products and if any seller is selling the product for less than Minimum Advertised price. This application collects information for products, their offerings and sellers who are selling those products. We scrape these information from different marketplaces. It offers users the ability to find the sellers who are selling their products and price of the offerings. In addition, it provides reports based on historical data.


Web application uses Angular(8) for user interface(front-end) and Ruby On Rails(6) providing API’s. Web application is also hosted on  Amazon Web Services(AWS) using Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Postgres RDS, Simple Email Service(SES). Service that scrapes product, seller and offerings information from different marketplaces is developed using Golang and deployed on AWS lambda functions. Scraping is scheduled from the ROR platform using a scheduler. We have used Sidekiq to manage background jobs. It uses Stripe for payment services.